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“5 Steps to Freedom”

Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels trying to keep your business running everyday? Or do you want to retire and feel the only way to exit your business is to liquidate?

First and foremost, you must know that these are not your only options. Maybe you do know that already, but you’re feeling stuck on how to start taking action. Most of the time, we can’t move forward because we simply don’t know how.

We crafted this eBook to outline those next steps for you. Whether you are looking to scale your business and gain your life back, or capitalize on your business’s success upon retirement, this guide will help you take the first action step to see through your goals.

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“Run the Numbers”

This book is tailored more towards those with an interest in gaining wealth through real estate investing. If you start looking at real estate as a source of wealth, not as something to live in, your life will change. With a focus on single family rentals, the logic can be applied to all types of real estate. In this book you can expect to learn:

• Different ways real estate can generate returns in addition to cash flow.
• Clearly laid out financial modeling concepts and formulas applicable to real estate.
• Cash-on-cash return, ROI, and IRR explained.
• Loan structuring basics and using different structures to maximize cash flow and returns.
• Step-by-step guide to building your own rental property calculator in Google Sheets.
• Step-by-step guide to building an amortization schedule in Google Sheets and stop relying on mortgage calculators.